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El Noticero

The Flow of Unaccompanied Children Through the Immigration System
“The U.S. legal system affecting unaccompanied children—those younger than
18 without lawful immigration status who have no parent or legal guardian in
the country available to provide care and custody—is complicated and intimidating,
with procedures and services that vary from one area of the country to
another. Once apprehended and charged with violating U.S. immigration laws,
children enter a disjointed, labyrinthine system in which they may interact
with numerous agencies within several federal government departments, as
well as with a host of government contractors”

Children at the Border: The Screening, Protection and Repatriation of Unaccompanied Mexican Minors 
“Every year tens of thousands of Mexican minors, many of whom are vulnerable to trafficking or other forms of abuse, make the perilous journey north and attempt to cross the border into the United States. Until 2008, the United States, as a matter of policy and practice, turned around any unaccompanied Mexican children caught at or near the border with little or no evacuation risks they faced upon return to Mexico. In December 2008, Congress changed this “revolving door” policy. The William Wilberforce trafficking Victims Protection and Reauthorization of 2008 (the TVPRA) mandated that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) interview every unaccompanied Mexican minor in order to make the determination that the child (i) is not potential victim of trafficking, (ii) has no possible claim to asylum, and (iii) can (and does) voluntarily agree to go back home. Unless all these questions are answered in the affirmative, the child is not immediately returned to Mexico, but rather must remain to be evaluated for a claim of protection in the United States”